Graduate Students

ACCESS provides education opportunities by mentoring graduate students. Several students have participated on cruises, used data for their thesis or dissertation, and contributed to publications on a variety of topics such as ocean currents, ocean acidification, zooplankton ecology, fish acoustics and ecological hotspots for seabirds and whales – all helping to inform sanctuary management decisions. For more information about graduate opportunities contact Dr. Jaime Jahncke, California Current Director at Point Blue Conservation Science.

Carina Fish, PhD student, University of California Davis

Fish, C.R., T.M. Hill, C.V. Davis, J. Largier, D. Lipski, J. Jahncke. Connecting the surface to near-shore bottom waters in the California Current ecosystem: a study of North-Central California interannual to decadal oceanographic variability. (In preparation)

Kate Hewett, PhD student, University of California Davis

Hewett, K, et al. Oxygen dynamics and oceanographic variability in the central California Current System: a study on upwelling and relaxation seasons off northern California. (In preparation)

Ryan Anderson, MS student, San Francisco State University

Anderson, R., E. Hines, P. Mazzini, T.M. Hill, J. Jahncke. Spatial patterns in the aragonite saturation horizon for the north central California shelf. (In preparation)

Fadwa Bouhedda, MS student, University of San Francisco

Bouhedda, F., M. Elliott, J. Jahncke. Spatial and temporal patterns in the abundance of the pteropod Limacina helicina in central Californi. (In preparation)

Kaytlin Ingman, MS, Graduated from San Francisco State University  (2018)

Ingman, K.B., E. Hines, P. Mazzini, R.C. Rockwood, J. Jahncke. Modeling changes in baleen whale seasonal abundance, timing of migration, and environmental variables to explain the sudden rise in baleen whale entanglements in central California. (In preparation) [download sightings data | download timing data]

Corinne Ross, MS, Graduated from California State University Monterey Bay (2017)

Ross, C., M. Thayne, M. Elliott, J. Howar, B. Saenz, N.Nur, J. Jahncke. Using habitat modeling to identify predictable and persistent forage fish hotspots off central California. (In preparation)

Ryan Hartnett, MS, Graduated from San Francisco State University (2017)

Hartnett, R., M. Elliott, F. Wilkerson, K. Nielsen, N. Nur, J. Jahncke. Developing marine food web models to evaluate recent changes in blue whales, Cassin’s auklets and commercial salmon abundance off central California. (In preparation)

Michael Thayne, MS, Graduated from University of the Westfjords, Iceland (2016)

Thayne, M., J.A. Santora, B. Saenz, P. Warzybok, J. Jahncke. 2018. Combining seabird diet, acoustics and ecosystem surveys to assess temporal variability and occurrence of forage fish. Journal of Marine Systems.

Catherine Davis, PhD, Graduated from University of California Davis (2016)

Davis, C.V., T.M. Hill, A.D. Russell, B. Gaylord, J. Jahncke. 2016. Seasonality of planktic foraminifera of the central California coastal upwelling region. Biogeosciences 13:5139-5150. doi:10.5194/bg-13-5139-2016
Davis, C.V., K. Hewett, T.M., Hill, J.L. Largier, B. Gaylord, J. Jahncke. 2018. Recostructing aragonite saturation based on an empirical relationship for northern California. Estuaries and Coasts.

Sarah Hameed, PhD, Graduated from University of California Davis (2016)

Hameed, S.O., M.L. Elliott, S.G. Morgan, J.Jahncke. 2018. Interannual variation and spatial distribution of decapod larvae in a region of persistent coastal upwelling. Marine Ecology Progress Series 587:55-71.

Anna Studwell, MA, Graduated from San Francisco State University (2016)

Studwell, A., E. Hines, M. Elliott, J. Howar, B. Holzman, N. Nur, J. Jahncke. 2017. Modeling nonresident seabird foraging distributions to inform ocean zoning in central California. PLoS ONE 12(1):e0169571. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0169517 [download data]
Studwell, A., E. Hines, N. Nur, J. Jahncke. Using habitat risk assessment to inform habitat prioritization: A demonstration evaluating maritime activities to inform seabird conservation. (In preparation)

Suzanne Manugian, MS, Post-Graduate student (2015), Graduated from San Francisco State University (2013)

Manugian, S., M.L. Elliott, R. Bradley, J. Howar, N. Karnovsky, B. Saenz, A. studwell, P. Warzybok, N. Nur, J. Jahncke. 2015. Spatial Distribution and Temporal Patterns of Cassin’s Auklet Foraging and Their Euphausiid Prey in a Variable Ocean Environment. PLoS ONE 10(12): e0144232. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0144232 [download data]

Caitlin Jensen, MS, Graduated from San Francisco State University (2014)

Jensen, C.M., E. Hines, B.A. Holzman, T.J. Moore, J. Jahncke, J.V. Redfern. 2015. Spatial and temporal variability in shipping traffic off San Francisco, California. Coastal Management 43:575-588. doi:10.1080/08920753.2015.1086947

Rachel Fontana, PhD, Graduated from University of California Davis (2013)

Fontana, R.E., M. Elliott, J.L. Largier, J. Jahncke. 2016. Temporal variation in copepod abundance and composition in a strong, persistent coastal upwelling zone. Progress in Oceanography 142:1-16. doi:10.1016/j.pocean.2016.01.004
Fontana, R.E., J. Jahncke, M. Elliott, S.H. Miller, M. Gough, C. Halle, J.L. Largier. Field Observations of Small-Scale Surface Fronts in a California Coastal Upwelling Region. (In preparation)
Fontana, R.E., M. Elliott, J. Howar, J.L. Largier, J. Jahncke. Hydrographic influences on Cassin’s auklet abundance near a shallow bank. (In preparation)

Andrea Dransfield, MA, Graduated from San Francisco State University (2012)

Dransfield, A., E. Hines, M. Elliott, J. Howar, N. Nur, J. Jahncke. 2014. Where the whales are: using habitat modeling to support changes in shipping regulations within National Marine Sanctuaries in Central California. Endangered Species Research 26:39-57. doi:10.3354/esr00627 [download data]

Jennifer McGowan, MA, Graduated from San Francisco State University (2012)

McGowan, J., E. Hines, M. Elliott, J. Howar, N. Nur, J. Jahncke. 2013. Using habitat modeling to inform ocean zoning within Central California’s National Marine Sanctuaries. PLoS ONE 8(8): e71406. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0071406 [download data]

Pamela Michael, MS, Graduated from Hawaii Pacific University (2011)

Michael, P.E., K.D. Hyrenbach, J. Jahncke. 2013. Relative influence of static and dynamic features on black-footed albatross habitat use in central California Sanctuaries. Fisheries Oceanography 23:18-31. doi: 10.1111/fog.12039 [download data]
Michael, P.E., K.D. Hyrenbach, J. Jahncke. 2016. Placing local aggregations in a larger-scale context: hierarchical modeling of black-footed albatross dispersion. PLoS ONE 11(4): e0153783.doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0153783 [download data]

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