Applied California Current Ecosystem Studies (ACCESS)

Please follow the links below to see video from our recent cruises. 

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2010/09 - Dan Howard talks about ACCESS

 Dan Howard, Superintendent of Cordell Bank National Marine Sanctuary, talks about how the ACCESS Partnership cruises can help him make managing decisions. 


2010/07 - Sampling krill with Tucker Trawl

ACCESS partners using a Tucker Trawl to get a sample of krill, small shrimp like crustaceans, near the shelf break at 200 meters of depth (600 ft) off Half Moon Bay, California. 


2010/07 - Humpback Whales feeding on krill

Video of two Humpback Whales feeding on krill on the shelf at 60-70 meters depth. We want to thank Deborah Moraga, our Teacher at Sea, for taking the time to edit this video! Enjoy!