Applied California Current Ecosystem Studies (ACCESS)

Please follow the links below to see photos from our recent cruises. 

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 2010/09 Cruise (RV Fulmar)

More than 200 humpback and 20 blue whales, and several hundred dolphins in the region. We sighted laysan albatross and south polar skua in addition to our usual seabird species. Thanks to Shannon Lyday and Dru Devlin for the great pictures.


2010/07 Cruise (RV Fulmar) 

We found an abundance of krill, Cassin's auklets and Blue whales that was not seen in this area since 2004. We also counted large numbers of common murres with chicks all througout our study area. Thanks to Sophie Webb for the great pictures.


 2010/06 Cruise (RV Fulmar)

Our most challenging cruise with high winds and heavy seas. The pictures illustrate common wildlife at this time of the year. Pigeon guillemots and common murres are shown carrying fish. Thanks to Sophie Webb and Jason Thompson for the great pictures.


 2010/05 Cruise (RV Fulmar and RV John Martin)

Our first cruise as ACCESS partners (and we did great!).  Our goal to investigate the spatial and temporal relationships between oceanographic processes, zooplankton, and marine birds and mammals in the region.