Applied California Current Ecosystem Studies (ACCESS)
Newsletter Articles

A Partnership for the Ocean
by Dan Howard
Observer 163, Winter 2011, PRBO Conservation Science

El Niño, North Winds, Upwelling in the California Current
The Weather Machine
by Claire Peaslee and Jaime Jahncke
Observer 159, Winter 2010, PRBO Conservation Science

From the California Current Marine Ecosystem into the Classroom
A Teaching from the Sea
by Laurie Guest
Observer 158, Fall 2009, PRBO Conservation Science

A Surprising Late-June Extravaganza
Documenting Ocean Life
by Carol Keiper
Observer 154, Fall 2008, PRBO Conservation Science

Gulf of the Farallones: Ecosystem-Oriented Research
Units of Conservation: Single Species to Ecosystems
by Jaime Jahncke
Observer 150, Fall 2007, PRBO Conservation Science

In the Feeding Shadow of the Farallones
Charting an Area for Marine Protection
by Jaime Jahncke and Claire Peaslee
Observer 140, Spring 2005, PRBO Conservation Science