Applied California Current Ecosystem Studies (ACCESS)
Education and Outreach

We share information with the public and different user groups through various web sites, including our online mapping tool and project pages on the Sanctuary Integrated Monitoring Network (SIMoN).

NOAA’s Teacher-at-Sea research experiences and undergraduate and graduate internships and collaborative projects provide opportunities for training new scientists and reaching broader audiences.

Contact Jennifer Stock if you are a teacher interested in working with research scientists at sea.

Contact Jaime Jahncke if you are a student interested in research opportunities with ACCESS.

Past Teacher-at-Sea experiences include:

Field Season 2011

Elaine Bechler
High school biology teacher from Santa Rosa
NOAA R/V Fulmar
Read the ship logs (July 21-25)
Listen to radio interview on KRCB

Field Season 2010

Deborah Moraga
Elementary school science teacher from Ohio
NOAA R/V Fulmar
Read the ship logs (June 21-27)

Field Season 2009

Laurie Guest
Middle school science teacher from California

NOAA R/V Fulmar
Read the article (A Teaching from the Sea)

Field Season 2008

Beth Lancaster
High school biology teacher from Connecticut
NOAA Ship McArthur II
Read the ship logs (April 7-11)
Download educational activity (What influences a marine food web?)