Applied California Current Ecosystem Studies (ACCESS)
Shared Datasets

All ACCESS data included below are available for sharing.

Updated datasets and additional data products are available within the context of a data sharing agreement.

Contact Jaime Jahncke for questions or research opportunities with ACCESS.

Non-resident seabird dataset 2004-2013 [download data]
Includes black-footed albatross, sooty shearwater, pink-footed shearwater, red phalarope and red-necked phalarope

Black-footed Albatross datasets 2004-2008 [download data]

Cassin's auklet and acoustic krill dataset 2004-2013 [download data]

Humpback whale dataset 2004-2011 [download data]

Black-footed Albatross datasets 2004-2008 [download data]

Farallon seabird dataset 2004-2011 [download data]
Includes common murre, Cassin's auklet, rhinoceros auklet, Brand't cormorant and wester gull